Peak Performance: Summiting Shasta at 60

My 60th birthday. Typically, I celebrate milestone birthdays with some serious pampering. But I wanted to shake things up as I entered a new decade, one that felt especially significant. Old age was coming at me like an avalanche. How long would I be healthy enough to handle a demanding physical challenge?

Where in the West Should I Go? • 52 Places to Visit in 2022

From cities and towns to national parks and lesser-known landscapes, this inaugural special section has your 2022 travel through the West covered! We’ve curated a list of 52 places to visit this year – four in each of the 13 states we cover. If you travel at a breakneck pace, that’s one a week. Let this guide serve as inspiration and enjoy the West!

The Gold Rush Returns to California

Gold still exists in the veins of an abandoned Grass Valley mine, and Rise Gold has reason to believe that reopening it makes financial sense. Not everyone’s on board.

Colorado River, Stolen by Law

The Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi and Navajo — the four tribes that comprise the Colorado River Indian Tribes, a federally recognized tribe that is also known as CRIT — have relied on floodplain and irrigated agriculture along the Colorado for 4,000 years.

Music Festivals Back with a Vengeance

With many music festivals nixed for the past two years, 2022 is set to become the Year of the Music Festival. Lucky for our readers and travelers of the West – so many of the best of them will be held somewhere in this region.

Licorice Pizza and Other Must-Watch Recent Films

(Note: possible spoilers ahead.) Set in 1973, the film follows Gary Valentine (Hoffman), a 15-year-old actor and entrepreneur who is smitten with the twentysomething Alana Kane (Haim), a photographer’s assistant who he meets on picture day at school.

Publisher’s Note, No. 2

If nothing else, the West is known for its open spaces. In some areas, there’s nothing but nature. In others, there’s little more than a dirt road and a few signposts.