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Going Mainstream by Coast Modern | Released July 30, 2021

Coast Modern has done it again. Their sophomore album, Going Mainstream, takes all the indie surf/pop-rock genius of their self-titled 2017 debut and doubles down on the quirky – from a song alluding to digital music theft of the early 2000s (“The Song You’ve Been Waiting For”) to lyrics like “I know some folks can fly / ‘Cause that’s how grandpa died” (“Sunshine Time”). 

Going Mainstream, released on July 30 and published by +1 Records/300 Entertainment, lends itself very well to a road trip in the West. The music itself elicits a strong West Coast vibe, and the duo that is Coast Modern are from the West as well (Luke Atlas from Seattle, Coleman Trapp from Denver). They met in Los Angeles in 2013.

Roll the windows down, stick your arm out and jam hardest to “Tidal Wave.” It’s the song on this record that perhaps sounds most similar to their first album. Its chorus beckons: “Oh, don’t panic / You didn’t plan it / You gotta ride the tidal wave.” 

Going Mainstream is unmistakably a Coast Modern album, with their hip-hop influence, spoken word sections and an interesting, sometimes humorous self-reflection (like “Ooh, I love this song / Coast Modern, y’all the bomb / Tell me have you played here long? / Can I get a picture for my girlfriend and my mom?” from “Baja Baby”). 

Their unique sound will undoubtedly keep you in a happy mood – what better for a day on the open road?

And if you happen to be traveling in a lime green Jeep, you’ll get a kick out of their song “Lime Green Jeep” and the road will for sure come calling: “My life is a lime green Jeep / Pedal hit the floor / Put your hands in the air, baby here we go.”

Follow them on Instagram at @coastmodernmusic, stream the new album and visit them at

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