Marble Canyon

If you haven’t been to Marble Canyon, you’re missing out. Located just southwest of Page, Marble Canyon is the easterly route to get you to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, but it’s worth a stop on its own.

For photographers and those who enjoy awesome views, the most logical first stop is the Historic Navajo Bridge, a defunct bridge that you can still walk across. You can either pull over on U.S. Highway 89A at the Navajo Bridge Interpretive Center or at the Antelope Trails Interpretive Market. Both are on either side of the Colorado River, and it’s a quick walk across the bridge so we recommend stopping at each of them.

Photo courtesy Grand Canyon National Park (

Aside from the gas station and post office, there are only a few businesses in the tiny town that serves Marble Canyon. There’s the Marble Canyon Lodge, where you can lay your head down for a night or two, there’s the perfectly-named Marble Canyon Restaurant with standard American fare (the local trading post is also in the building) and sandwiched in between the lodge and the restaurant is the Marble Canyon Metal Works studio. 

Mainly, this area is about Marble Canyon itself. Lees Ferry is a common launch point for rafts and other vessels to explore the waters that lead to the Grand Canyon. It’s just downriver from the famed Horseshoe Bend.

A couple of must-stops for outdoorsy people include the Lees Ferry Campground and the terrific Cathedral Wash hike. Marble Canyon is about a 35-minute drive from Horseshoe Bend and much, much quieter, so be sure to give it a glance if you’re seeking solitude in far northern Arizona.