Metaline Falls, Washington

Photo via Flickr

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Population in the town of Metaline Falls maxed out in 1950 when it was 547, according to the U.S. Census. It may be a tiny town, but it’s a historically and geographically interesting place.

You may want to start your trip there at the Historic Washington Hotel, a 14-room inn where the infamous Wyatt Earp was rumored to have stayed. It was certified as a historic location by the state in 1979. Speaking of Wyatt Earp, an actor who played him in a movie – Kevin Costner – also filmed The Postman in and around Metaline Falls back in the 1990s. (The Post Office is right across from the Washington Hotel, so send a postcard while you’re in town!)

Also in the hotel is the Gypsy Peak Art Gallery, which doubles as a bakery. They provide a space for local artists to show and sell their work, plus they make artisan breads, pastries and more from scratch on site. 

The quaint town also has the beautiful NuVu Showhouse Movie Theater on 5th Avenue, the Main Street of sorts. A quilt shop, grocery store, bar and grill, and café also line the block. 

Located just 13 miles from the Canadian border, just down the Pend Oreille River, June and September are great months to visit due to the very mild temps – but July and August are warm and lovely all the same.

The area is surrounded by the Colville National Forest. Right outside of town, you’ll find the gorgeous Sullivan Lake and its adjacent campgrounds.