Molokini Crater

Located just off of Maui, Molokini is a crescent-shaped islet formed by a partially submerged volcanic crater, making it the perfect spot for a Hawaiian snorkeling or diving adventure.

The experts at put it best: “Molokini Crater is a geologic treasure, a picturesque submerged caldera filled with coral reefs that are a shallow, sunny haven for new divers. But our savvy readers know the real action is found around the backside of the 160-foot cliff, where a wall of volcanic rock drops more than 360 feet into the deep. 

Photo by Brian Harris (

“Maui ranked in the top three of our Top 100 Readers Choice awards for best wall diving, no doubt in part because of this outstanding dive site. This advanced drift dive tours a vertical tapestry of cracks, caves and overhangs where octopuses, spiny lobsters and nudibranchs hide, along with whitetip sharks. But the main attraction is the chance to spot exotic passers-by, including manta rays, black-tip sharks, schooling jacks and the rare whale shark.”

Visibility can reach beyond an astonishing 100 feet. Needless to say, this is some of the best diving in the world.

Numerous charters head out to Molokini Crater via the Maui mainland. Due to Molokini’s status as a state seabird sanctuary, there are access restrictions for boaters and dropping anchor is not permitted due to potential damage to the coral reef.