Publisher’s Note, No. 5

After printing the magazine for a year at a great personal expense, I vowed to keep going digitally in 2023. However, beyond this “Where in the West” special section, I think it’s going to be a wrap for American West.

Artists of Yosemite National Park Leave Lasting Legacy

Many 19th century artists who documented the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park using paint brushes and cameras left a legacy still treasured today. Their work even fueled the expansion of the West.

Peering Into Yosemite, A “Repository of Sanity”

No one is more associated with Yosemite than John Muir – not even, alas, the Ahwahneechee people, who still live in the area. Yet there is no record of Muir’s reaction to seeing the valley for the first time, in the spring of 1868. Perhaps our great national wilderness prophet was struck speechless at the sight.

National Park Playlists

We’ve put together a couple of playlists – country and pop – that go along great with a drive through any national parks in the West. Whether heading through the forests of Olympic or Yellowstone, or the deserts of Big Bend or Death Valley, give these records a virtual spin.