North Shore, Hawaii

Photo by Michelle Raponi

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If you want to enjoy a piña colada on the beach, swim with turtles or see the biggest waves of your life, then Oahu’s North Shore should be your next travel destination. You can explore the picturesque white sand beaches, rocky cliffs, turquoise waters and bask in the Hawaiian sun. 

Between November and March, the north face of the islands receive massive surf conditions, transforming the North Shore into one of the world’s best surfing destinations. Waves more than 30 feet high attract droves of tourists, photographers and expert surfers. Winter also offers opportunities to whale watch and explore Hawaii outside of peak tourist season. 

During summer, the North Shore offers entirely different opportunities with serene waters and perfect weather. Summer attracts sea life, divers, vacationers and beach bums alike. You will never be bored with activities like snorkeling, cliff jumping, sunbathing, sky diving or joining a shark diving tour. The destination is a true paradise with year-round sun and temperatures between 70 to 85 degrees.

You can diversify your palate with North Shore cuisine such as Polynesian and Asian-American infusions. The coast boasts some of the world’s best fish tacos, poke, shave ice and tropical cocktails. Haleiwa town will leave you wanting more with its quaint vibes, numerous art galleries, local boutiques, sunset views, restaurants and food trucks.