Sandhills Journey National Scenic Byway

By Cole Clark

Along the Sandhills Journey National Scenic Byway, some of the best things to do are golfing, hunting and fishing. Visitors can hike a little bit, but not for long, given the often-oppressive weather. 

This part of the country used to be part of an ocean floor, which is why the soil is made of sand for miles and miles. Sand and hills are the recipe for great golf courses, and there are a lot in this region, including one of the best in the world, Sand Hills Golf Club. It’s not easy to get access, but if you can find a connection, don’t pass it up. 

Photo by Brandon Jones/USFWS (

The winters here are long and cold, and the summers are short and hot. Visit during the spring or fall for a chance at temperate weather. The towns in this area are small and dreary, but they do have character. If you want to splurge, there are some nice resorts, especially Dismal River in Mullen and The Prairie Club in Valentine. 

Camping options are also cheap and plentiful. With enough determination, a good plan and good timing, you can make this often-overlooked region a great trip in your upcoming itineraries.